Sitting here in the NHC office sorting out paperwork and listening to storm Christoph pound the windows, those long warm summer days out camping in the country seem an age away. Although this all seems a bit miserable I’m expecting 2021 to be more cheerful than last year. I also hope, along with the rest of the country – if not the world’s population, that with the vaccine now rolling out we’ll soon be in a position to kick that nasty corono into touch.

After being in lockdown for what seems like forever, most of us will be looking forward to getting away for a break, and taking advantage of what the UK has to offer without the hassle of airports, border checks and who knows what restriction could still be in place internationally.

*Looking forward to the summer in 2021 and getting back out there.

For those of us that enjoy camping, and also have felt the benefits of camping as a vacation choice, it is now official, science says it’s good for us. There are, in fact, 35 amazing benefits that camping can bring which has been published by

Here is the list, but you can follow this link to read the full article. 35 Amazing Benefits of Camping.

(1) Return To The Natural Circadian Rhythm

(2) Increased Production Of The ‘Happy Hormone’

(3) More Exercises for Your Body

(4) Reduce The Intake Of Unhealthy Foods

(5) Improved Problem Solving Skills

(6) Improved Life Skills

(7) Improved Learning Capability

(8) Build Group Cohesion And Teamwork Skills

(9) Pull Away From The Cyberspace

(10) Find A Moment Of Inspiration

(11) Increased Rate Of Burning Calories

(12) Spend Time Outside

(13) Improved Social Interaction

(14) New Challenges And Have New Experiences

(15) Improved Respiration and Metabolism

(16) Improve The Body Functions And Immunity

(17) Recovery From Burnout Effect

(18) More Family Bonding Time

(19) Improved Intimacy In Couples

(20) Enjoy A Better Vacation

(21) Improved Intake Of Minerals And Vitamins By The Body

(22) Improved bone and teeth health

(23) Enhances Self-Awareness

(24) Improves Self-Confidence And Motivation

(25) Improved Independence

(26) Better Concentration And Focus

(27) Improved Memory

(28) Improved Mental Clarity

(29) Take A Breath Of Fresh Air

(30) Inspire An Appreciation For Nature

(31) Uplifted Moods

(32) Better Emotional Control

(33) Reduce The Anxiety And Depression Issues

(34) Improves The Healing Process

(35) Reflect And Meditate

With all these benefits available, move over storm Christoph, sod off corono and hurry up spring and the start of the camping season for 2021.