Last weekend we finally got round to taking the covers off Olive, our first every camper we purchased which kicked off our rental business. I say kicked off, more like inspired as we have never had Olive in a condition in which we would hire out and opted to buy further vehicles with which to get started.

For those of you new to us we have set-up a YouTube Channel which is slowly gathering content about our range of vehicles and some “how-to” videos.

Our latest edition to this video collection is the un-covering of Olive. She has been under wraps for around 18 months, we had every intention of working on her last year (2019) to get her restored but we just ended up being super busy and the year went by.

The video takes you on a tour of Olive and some of the jobs which we will be tackling. We are also interested to hear your thoughts on what jobs we should do, if we should clean and restore the original interior or take it out? What about the colour scheme on the outside? – we quite like it but it will need a paint job so again we’re open to ideas.

So, grab yourself a brew and click this link here and enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave any comments and subscribe to the channel so you can get alerted to any new videos we make.