Here at NHC HQ we always like to keep making improvements. We are currently updating our website content, and we would like to stress that if you find some of the website content a bit haphazerd at the moment thats because we are working on new content whilst keep the website live. We’re hoping to have it all sorted in the next month and looking forward to sharing lots of new content with you all.

We’ve also got Brian our brand new motorhome now on site and he will be available to hire through our website shortly. If you want to pre-book or want some details about him just contact us. Why did we call him Brian? No reason other than it seemed to suit at the time I’m afraid, so no back story here.

We have also been a bit lacking on our news feed and we will be hoping to address that too, with more stories, ideas and general updates on all the shenanigans that go on at NHC.

Our vision isn’t just to rent out vehicles but to create a community for people who enjoy adventure and getting out on the open road and to have available a wide range of interesting vehicles to hire for your trips. We look to build lasting relationships with our customers and we want to see you renting our campers, motorhomes and goodness knows what else we’ll end up with over and over again – and of course just have fun.