Campsites aren’t what they used to be. Remember the draughty old shower blocks and toilets. Cold running water. We do and these weren’t places where you wanted to hang around in for long.

Over the years us campers have started to get rather choosy about where we carry out our ablutions and there are now many campsites offering luxurious shower and toilet facilities. Some of which would give a decent hotel a run for its money.

There is now a campsite in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset that has moved the bar even higher. They have introduced super pitches that have an ensuite included. The ensuite is a pod by the side of your pitch which contains a toilet, shower and storage facility. The pitches also have a fresh water tap and a grey waste drain too.

One of the biggest concerns when we talk to people who are looking to hire a camper van for the first time is “what will the toilets and showers be like?”. If you book your campsite ahead and do a bit of research the toilets and showers will be fine, don’t let this hold you back from trying out life on the road and exploring this great country of ours.