In around six months from now the UK will leave Europe. A no deal could have possible ramification on driving in Europe.

One of the biggest benefits currently we  have as being part of Europe is the “Green Card” free circulation area. This means that 3rd party insurance is covered when driving within Europe and you don’t need to carry any proof of this. If there is a no deal, or indeed if required as part of negotiations UK drivers would have to carry a Green Card as proof of third party insurance when driving on European roads. Further to this it may result in documentation checks being put in place prior to entry to Europe.

Our current UK driving license is valid when driving in Europe. This could all change too resulting in the need for a IDP (International Driving Permit) which would have to be carried when in Europe.

If you are thinking about driving in Europe for your 2019 holidays bear in mind the above implications. It may be worth preparing now and looking into obtaining an IDP in readiness. In terms of the Green Card, many years ago you obtained copies of these from your insurer and it may be that this be re-instated and so you should allow yourself time to obtain one prior to travel. You could also consider planning to avoid driving in Europe for a week or so after the exit date on the 29th March 2019.