The winter period is when we take the opportunity to catch-up on any critical vehicle maintenance issues ahead of the hire season which starts usually in Spring.

For our older vehicles like Bessie we only hire through the warmer months which is typically the start of April to the end of October. This off-hire period is a great time for us to have a look over them and see what jobs need doing.

For those of you interested to see what happens over the winter period we’ve made a short video describing the jobs carried out on Bessie out VWT2 camper.

The link is here, enjoy.

The video talks about the issues we’ve had with a failed seal and the terrible rainfall we have seen over winter, corrosion prevention and work to the rear brakes.

We are working flat out to get Bessie ready for the 2020 camping season and look forward to seeing her in lots of memory making photographs whilst she is out and about over the summer.