Driving a VW Type 5

The VW Type 5 drives very much like a modern car. The gear shift is in the dash board and so easy to reach. They will accelerate and brake much like a modern car. Handling is good with a little bit more roll on corners than a car due to its size and weight. The Camper will fit into most car parking spaces as it is only slightly wider than most cars.

Visibility is great, sitting high in the cab you get a good view ahead which allows you to see over most traffic on the roads The external mirrors are nice and big too which helps when manoeuvring and reversing.

Remember that the Camper is higher than a car so make sure you check height barriers before driving under them. This can be a problem on some public car parks so worth planning ahead if your venturing into towns. Having said that, we have always found somewhere to park when we have been out in one of the Campers ourselves.

We will run through all the controls when you come to pick-up the Camper and take you on a test drive first if required.

There are no restriction on mileage for our T5 Campers and we can arrange European coverage if required.