Our classic VW campers for hire

Built before the days of mobile phones and WiFi. These vehicles still charm the pants off you and make everybody smile. Experience the thrill of driving again without technology or connectivity. Simplicity at its best.

The classic VW Camper

Do you remember when life was simple? You went camping and nobody could contact you, the journey was as interesting as the holiday itself. With these classic VW Campers you can go back in time and experience some of that nostalgia. These vintage vehicles are over forty years old and, unlike a modern vehicle, you really have to drive them as there is no power steering, no servo assisted brakes and suspension from another era. The driving position sits you over the front wheels, they call it “forward control” and it is just like driving a small lorry. They are great fun to drive, will put a big smile on your face and make you feel like a kid again. When you hire one of these we will explain the vehicle’s characteristics and take you on a short test drive to make sure you are comfortable with it. Most people we find are a little nervous at first but are reluctant to hand them back at the end of their trip.

Bessie our late bay VW camper

Hire Bessie our late bay VW camper from £100 per day. Bessie is available to hire from March through to October, we take her off the road in winter to carry out maintenance work and to protect her from the nasty winter weather. Bessie has been hired for birthday presents, wedding and camping trips. Hiring Bessie is more about the journey and experience of driving and living with one of these classic campers.


  • Bessie is an original VW type 2 (late bay) and still runs her original 1.6 litre air cooled engine.